Tips and Tricks for Dealertrack DMS

Tip 1: Balance Before and After

For those who post car deals or post entries in the General Ledger application, do you take advantage of the Balance Before and Balance After screen? This helps you ensure that your control numbers will have the correct balance before you click Post.

  1. To access this view click Alt Views at the bottom of the transaction entry screen 3 times. The Bal Before column shows the current account balance, and the Bal After column shows what the account balance will be, if you post this transaction.

    The above statement illustrated.

    The above statement illustrated.
  2. If you would prefer to have the system default to this view when posting entries, access your Journals set up in the General Ledger Application Environment. Enter BAL in the Preferred View box. The system will now default to the Balance Before/Balance After screen, so you don’t have to click Alt Views.

    The above statement illustrated.

Tip 2: Printer Assignments

Do you have documents printing to the wrong printer?

  1. First check your DMS workstation ID.
  2.   a. Click the Information link at the top of your DMS

    The above statement illustrated.

      b. A window will display. Look for the Display Device ID. It should follow the standard format with your Enterprise code and PC location. Your PC might also be physically labeled so make sure the ID on the label matches the Display Device Name.

    The above statement illustrated.

      c. If the Display Device name does not match the label on your PC:
        i. Sign Off the DMS.
        ii. The Login Screen will display. Click the Configure button.
        iii. Click Configure one more time and enter the correct Display Device name.

    The above statement illustrated.
  3. If the Display Device Name is current, with the help of your Security Officer, access Printer Assignments in the System Environment application of the DMS.
  4. Locate your Display Device ID in Printer Assignments and double-click to enter into the set up screen. Correct the item you want to print so it’s assigned to the correct printer. Every report and invoice that prints from the DMS is grouped by application. You might have to page down to access the application you normally work in.
  5. The above statement illustrated.

Tip 3: Unit Counts

Do you have a Sale account where you’re forced to constantly update the unit count or the account is not accumulating units at all? Unit counts are accumulated when the source Journal and the GL Sale Account are both set to accumulate units.

  1. First check your Journal source:
  2.   a. Accessing the GL Application Environment and choose Journals.

      b. Double click on the journal in question and make sure Count Sales Units is checked.

    The above statement illustrated.
  3. Next, check the Account
  4.   a. From the General Ledger application menu, click Chart of Accounts.
      b. Right-click next to the account and choose Change.
      c. Make sure Count Units is checked.

    When both settings are checked, the system will automatically accumulate a unit when you post a credit amount to the GL Sale Account under the Journal source.

    The above statement illustrated.


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